Blockchain innovation in the cocoa supply chain

Cocoa has a big data problem, Tom Daly told delegates at the recent Cocoa Merchants Association America conference in Miami.

Big data problems are hard to crack, and simplicity is much easier said than done, he told delegates. “Transparency demands simple, trustworthy answers to simple questions, which relies on a common understanding, common standards without which there is no transparency​.”

Daly is CMO & US President of skignz, Inc, an award-winning location-based Augmented Reality solution that is driving industry sectors toward the use of blockchain technologies in order to enhance transparency and sustainability.

A former global head of mobile & search marketing at The Coca-Cola Company and founder of Relevant Ventures, Daly believes that technology can find the solutions to problems. He said he recognized that in the cocoa sector there is a unique set of circumstances to overcome.

Different sets of data

The scale of data is enormous, individual companies gathering different sets of data in different ways, leads to veracity issues and makes consumers and everyone in the supply chain uncertain about the value of data gathered​,” he said.